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PCI for dummies

Qualys, the leader provider of vulnerability scans, has published a free e-book entitled "PCI for dummies", if you want to get a grasp of what it is the PCI (Payment Card Industry), and learn how to comply with it, you can download your copy here:



Book - Zero Day Threat

I finished another book, this time i read "Zero Day Threat" a very interesting investigation about cybercrime, made by two journalist (Byron Acohido and Jon Swartz).

As stated in the cover they show us "The Shocking Truth of How Banks and Credit Bureaus Help Cyber Crooks Steal Your Money and Identity"

The book is very well narrated, i liked how they focused the history from 3 different point of view (The Exploiters, the Expediters and the Enablers). The authors made a fantastic job in the investigation and in the accuracy of the information given by the book.

It's a must for anyone who wants to know how the cybercrime is organized and the inner workings of these mafias. You could learn how they steal identities, credit cards, passwords, etc and how they transform all of these in money through laundering tricks.

After reading the book you get a feeling of being totally naked and vulnerable to the cybercrime mafias. I was aware of all the technological issues involving cybercrime, but now i'm aware of the other two pieces in this game and i get the full picture on how everything works.

You can check the site of the book for more information:

Pages: 304

Fuzzing - Brute force Vulnerability discover

This time i will talk about another great book. In this book Michael Sutton, Adam Greene and Pedram Amini expose everything you want to know about Fuzzing.

We can find a information about all the different types of Fuzzing: Network protocol Fuzzing, Web application Fuzzing, File format Fuzzing, in memory Fuzzing, etc. The book also cover the best fuzzing frameworks available like Spike, Peach, Sulley, and many more.

I enjoyed very much this book, it was easy to read and follow, very clear the concepts and well organized the contents.

If you want to learn all about Fuzzing, this is your book.

You can check the book web page: Fuzzing

See you soon!

Ajax security

Are you interested in learning about Ajax security? I did, so i got the book "Ajax Security" by Hoffman and Sullivan (2007, Addison Wesley, 470 pages), and it is really useful. The book is well organized, the explanations are very clear and the examples well chosen.

I learned a lot about Ajax and the security implications of this technology with this book, i highly recommend it.

Ajax Security, Addison Wesley

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