Ike Aggressive Mode Cracking

If you are doing a Pentest and you find a Vpn server there is a chance that it support Aggressive Mode, so what could we do?

1-Use Ikeprobe to check if the server support Aggressive Mode: ikeprobe ipserver
2-If we are lucky and there is a match, then we have to configure a vpn client (Safenet for example) with the information we have, we doesnt have the pre-shared key but doesnt matter, that is what we looking for.
3-Before firing up the vpn client, we have to put Cain to sniff the network traffic.
4-After the failed attempt Cain will have a sniffed the preshared key hash, now we send it to the Cain cracker.
5-And then we can launch Dictionary attack and if it fails, we can try brute force attack. We have to wait and wait... until the password is revealed.

That's all

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