Portbunny - Port scanning improvement

A new port scanner has been released by the Recurity Labs guys (FX), it has some improvements over the well known scanners (Nmap). It's was developed for the security professionals, with performance in mind. As stated in Portbunny webpage:

"PortBunny is a Linux-kernel-based port-scanner created by Recurity Labs. Its aim is to provide a reliable and fast TCP-SYN-port-scanner which performs sophisticated timing based on the use of so called "trigger"-packets. The port-scan is performed in 2 steps: First the scanner tries to find packets, to which the target responds ("triggers"). Second, the actual port-scan is performed. During the scan, the triggers, which were found in the first scanning-phase, are used to determine the optimal speed at which the target may be scanned."

Portbunny webpage


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krapi said...

He visto el portscanner y he aƱadido el post a mi blog :)